The Farm & The Farmer


Is a piece of treasure nestled in West Kingston, Rhode Island. Specialty cut flowers are grown on an acre and a half of silt loam soil. The farm is surrounded by beautiful freshwater ponds: 30 acre, 100 acre, and Wordens Pond. 


She holds a BA in Biology with a focus on Algology. After several years of mass producing microalgae for both research and commercial institutions, a change was needed. Working in the lab satisfied her curiosities, but being out with nature cures her wholesome. For a good year, after moving down to Rhode Island, she worked at a vegetable farm, oyster farm, and a flower farm. Happiness settles in land farming flowers. Plants are the basic most element, and their simplicity is defined by refined systems that fits well with the fluxes of the environment. The environmental fluxes lies within the details; and Thanh loves details. She enjoys greenhouse nursery work and all of its mundane yet glorious tasks. The overall process of growing healthy plants bring light to her nurturing nature.

In the field and witnessing the cycle of growth, feeling the elements, and being on her knees to closer touch the soil are luxurious activities that keep her humble. Her growing practices focus on sustainability, nurturing nature's resources and its balance, and producing only long lasting high quality flowers. Plants are free of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and any -cides. They are purely them, as she is purely herself. Every flower that leaves the farm had been carefully selected. Every flower holds a piece of Thanh- her positive energy and her hope that each would bring happiness, peace, and joy.

There is nothing else she rather work so very hard for. Her dedication to this life is in making better the environment and cultivating positive vibes. For personal and professional growth, she farms and continues to advance in a career as a Soil Conservationist at the Natural Resources of Conservation Services (NRCS) in Warwick, RI. 

Thanh's Favorite books: The One Straw Revolution and Gone with the Wind.
Currently reading: Letters to a Young Farmer on food, farming, and our future